A review of common areas that may benefit from home automation products and services and issues to consider regarding installation

Home automation can be applied to a number of systems within your home. Many home security companies also provide home automation services. Depending on the type and complexity of your system, home automation installation can be an easy process.

Home automation systems are becoming more affordable

Home Automation Installation

Standard areas where home automation products and services are being applied include:

  • Lighting you can remotely control individual lights or sections of lights located throughout your home and on your property with home automation. You can also automate your home lighting system to automatically turn lights on when you enter a room and off when you leave the room, or even set light to go on and off at selected times throughout the day.
  • Cameras advances in technology have made it possible for you to control the cameras that are integrated into your home security system from any Web browser or smart phone. You can zoom, record, reposition or even rotate installed cameras using this type of application. You can also set cameras within and outside the home to record only when they sense motion or during set times during the day.
  • home lighting systemAccess you can lock, unlock or even open any door on your property if it’s compatible and linked to your home automation system. You can also coordinate with your home video monitoring or live cameras to remotely open a locked door for a family member who may have forgotten a key. You can event set doors to lock at a certain time during the day to ensure you don’t forget to lock up, even when you’re home.
  • Home security support  with today's home automation, you can control every aspect of your home security system. You can get instant alerts regarding your home's security status. If there is an intruder, fire or any other event, you will be immediately notified and can even be shown live video footage to help you coordinate with authorities when they respond.
  • Climate control and energy efficiency this is one of the most appreciated aspects of home automation is climate control. Climate control allows you to operate your heating and cooling systems wherever you may be. You can also pre-set temperature controls for a specific room or specific times of the day. If your home security and monitoring system has extreme weather alert elements, it can also trigger appropriate heating and cooling events to accommodate them.
  • Home theater any home theater experience is enhanced with home automation features that allow you to personalize your preferences for everything from DVRs projection selections to programming music for special events or even times of day.

Installation & costs

Home automation installation

If your home security system is an older or hard-wired system, adding home automation components may be more intrusive and expensive. If you have a wireless, cellular or Internet-based system, adding home automation components will generally be easier and far less expensive.

The cost for home automation varies widely from provider to provider. Be aware that if you select a cable or broadband-based provider for home security or home automation, not all of these providers service all regions. You will also have to select one of these providers as an Internet service provider in order to take full advantage of the service they offer.

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