A comparison of hip and ridge asphalt shingles: Tamko vs CertainTeed

If you are still trying to choose the right shingles for your roofing project, don't forget to consider the extra pieces to cover the hip and ridge of the roof. Comparing Tamko vs CertainTeed asphalt hip and ridge shingles will help you decide which company to go with for the entire project. Both provide these roofing accessories, but each line is designed to work with a specific type of shingle from the manufacturer. Trying to mix and match ridge shingles with roofing materials from another company may cause issues in the long run.

Hip And Ridge Shingles

CertainTeed hip and ridge shingles

CertainTeed has four main lines of hip and ridge shingles designed for use when you install asphalt roofing shingles. All of them are designed for residential roofing application and fall under the coverage of the roofing warranty provided by the compatible set of shingles. Your options include:

CertainTeed hip and ridge shingles

  • Shadow Ridge : This line is designed to work with the Classic Horizon, New Horizon, Independence, Landmark and Landmark TL brands from CertainTeed. These quality shingles all come with lifetime warranties. Shadow Ridge hip shingles come with the highest roofing cost of all the products compared here.
  • Shangle Ridge : If you like the colors of the stylish Carriage House, Grand Manor or Centennial House 3-tab shingles, you will need these hip and ridge coverings. They are precut to speed up the installation process.
  • Mountain Ridge : The least expensive option from CertainTeed is designed to work with their XT 30, XT 25 and CT 20 products.
  • Thirty-two color options help you find the color pattern that matches your favorite asphalt shingles.

shingle hip

Tamko hip and ridge shingles

Tamko hip and ridge shingles are slightly more flexible in the fact that one of the product lines can be paired with any of their asphalt roofing materials. The other is designed for extra protection for one of the luxury roofing lines produced by the company.Tamko hip and ridge shingles

  • Tamko Hip and Ridge: If you like the durability and look of any Tamko asphalt shingles, you will need a few packages of these protective and oversized squares to finish the project. The sheets are scored for quicker separation and feature a strip of sealant to reduce installation time.
  • Heritage Vintage Hip and Ridge: Homeowners that can afford the higher roofing cost of the Heritage Vintage brand must invest in these durable shingles to protect the ridge line of the roof. These materials include an additional 10-year warranty against algae discoloration.

Both companies offer plenty of roofing accessories to complement their asphalt roofing materials. Choose a brand first by comparing asphalt shingle prices, then locate the matching finishing pieces to make the decision easier. Once you are done choosing between Tamko vs CertainTeed asphalt hip and ridge shingles, visit QualitySmith for help finding the best roofing contractors and to request a roofing estimate. We can make replacing or renovating your roof a much easier project to plan by connecting you with experienced roofing installers.