In addition to considering Champion slider window prices, take a look at local and federal tax credits and installation costs.

Champion Windows Manufacturing was founded in 1953 as a small manufacturer of storm doors and windows. It has received numerous industry awards, including the 2008 Crystal Achievement Award from Window and Door magazine. An accurate calculation of Champion slider window prices should account for the tax credit that's available with these windows.

House Resolution 4853, commonly known as the 2010 Tax Relief Act, specifies the conditions under which windows, doors and roofs may qualify for a tax credit. These products must meet a specific level of energy efficiency as indicated by the Energy Star label.


Homeowners must install new windows that qualify for the tax credit in their primary residences in order to receive the credit. They may declare 10 percent of the Champion slider window prices from their taxable income up to a total of $200.

Champion slider window prices include a number of money-saving services, such as an in-home consultation that doesn't incur any obligation or cost. You can also visit a showroom with life-sized Champion windows, allowing you to examine the windows and test their quality.

The slider windows use virgin vinyl that doesn't require painting or scraping, which can save you a significant amount of contractor costs. Vinyl is easy to clean, an excellent insulator and resistant to insects.

The Champion patio room is constructed of 6-inch aluminum panels covered with vinyl, making it the strongest patio room currently available. This patio room is built as an integrated unit, allowing it to operate flawlessly with very low maintenance.


Homeowners who install windows made by Champion windows will also save money in heating and cooling costs. A house loses up to 30 percent of its energy through the windows, which makes standard windows especially costly with rising energy costs. All 50 states have given Champion Windows the Energy Star rating due to their high-efficiency design.

Champion guarantees its windows for life, so you won't need to worry about replacing them.

All Champion windows are made with Comfort 365 glass that increases the energy efficiency of your house, allowing you to remain comfortable throughout the year. These windows keep the warm air in your house during the winter and cool air in during the summer.

Champion windows also block 84 percent of the harmful ultraviolet radiation from the sun, which prevents the fabric on furniture, drapes and carpets from fading. These windows also lower the solar heat gain number of your house, which is a measure of the amount of solar heat that's able to enter your house.

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