A brief guide to resetting the alarm in your home security system

The centerpiece to any home security system is its alarm mechanism. Most home security systems feature an audible alarm or a silent alarm that notifies a monitoring center, or some combination of both. Most home security systems have specific steps to take to reset or re-trigger an alarm system on those occasions when an alarm is set off. Understanding how to reset a home security alarm system is an important part of owning and maintaining a home security system. Home security alarm reset through the control panel


Most home security systems have a central control panel that activates and deactivates the system with the use of a security code. Only the homeowner and perhaps a handful of residents, service professionals and designated contacts should know this code.

In many systems, the code is entered when reentering the home after being away for a time. The code is also used to turn the system off should a false alarm sound. The process to reset this security system code is straightforward and fairly simple, although the exact procedure depends on the particular security system. Usually, the code can be reset by:

Resetting the control panel

Most panels have a button that is clearly labeled for resetting the pass code. You will need to know the old code, of course, before you can reset the pass code in this fashion. Typically, the old code will need to be entered, followed by the new code. Once done, the control panel will recognize the updated code, and the alarm company will be alerted to the new code too.

-security systemContact your monitoring service or security company this may be necessary if your equipment does not have an easier reset feature. You may need to phone your provider and request that the code be changed. Again, you will need to know the old code in order to change the code to a new one, but if you do not, you can still reset the code by providing verification of account ownership by answering other questions regarding your account. After your information is verified, the company typically updates the code while you are still on the line. online home alarm reset

Go online if your security company offers online resets, you can simply log on to your online account and reset your pass code. You will be asked verification questions and will need to know the existing code in order to use the service.

If you do choose to have a home security system and you have a professional installer assist you, be sure to ask them about the reset features of your system and have them demonstrate. If you select a system which requires do-it-yourself installation, read the instructions carefully and be confident of the reset procedures.

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