Winter is usually a slow time of year for contractors and home improvement junkies alike so why not take advantage of that time to remodel your bathroom.

At times the winter can seem to go on forever. It makes sense to transform this idle time into something productive like remodeling or making repairs. During the summer and spring, you end up spending a lot of time outdoors and might not get the time to deal with these things. As a matter of fact, a number of homeowners consider this cold season as the perfect time to remodel their homes. So, are you all set to know some of the best ways to remodel your bathroom this winter?


  1. More time for planning and selections

Winters can make you quite immobile and stuck in the four walls of your home. This time can be productively utilized to plan meticulously and select from a wide array of fittings, fixtures and hardware available in the market. Who wouldn't want to flip through design magazines in front of the fire before remodeling their bathroom?

2. Remodeling contractors have more time available

Contractors have less of a workload during the winter. Therefore, they are able to allot you extended time for planning and designing your project. This phase can be utilized to sharpen your plans and ideas before work commences. During spring, the contractors are burdened with workload and therefore detailed planning does happen slower and longer.

3. Great discounts in the winter

Winter is perfect to take advantage of cool discounts offered. Generally manufacturers do increase their rates around spring and summer, winter is the time when sales are dim and there are lots of markdowns. Generally there are great offers on cabinets, lumber products and windows in winter as the manufacturers are keen to reduce inventory and free floor space for new building products and appliances they would like to introduce in spring. Remember there's always room to negotiate in the world of building materials and home improvement so be sure to ask for a discount before locking down the price of anything.

4. Bathroom remodels are not affected by the weather

Bathroom remodeling involves work in the internal part of the house. Workers are not affected by the weather while working indoors. As such, work can go on uninterrupted without any weather hassles.

bathroom remodel

5. Keeps you busy during the long boring winter

Winters can be quite boring and lonely. Having a nice activity to keep you productive and busy is wonderful.

6. It frees up time in Spring to have holidays and fun

A remodel can be a headache and most people like to keep an eye on the progress. If you were to do this in the spring or summer, it would reduce the amount of time you get to spend outside in the sun!

7. Clean-up Methods have improved with technology

Generally, homeowners stay shy from doing remodeling work in the winter as they are concerned about the chemicals, debris, and dust. Current knowhow and technologies make use of negative pressure fans and plastic covered doorways to prevent the spread of dust throughout the home. Lastly sealing of heat ducts with a filter and strategic techniques like this can keep debris contained. The debris is disposed of daily to ensure that the home is kept neat and clean during the process.

It is generally not advisable to go for external remodeling such as painting, etc during winter. Heavy snowfall or rain can really delay the work schedules and spoil the external finishes.