Providing a brief summary and comparison of the home security monitoring services available from Vivint and Monitronics

Vivint and Monitronics are two home security systems providers with reputable and reliable monitoring services. Comparing Vivint and Monitronics will make your decision to upgrade or add a home security system an easier one.

Vivint overview

Vivint was established in 1997 and offers several different home security and home automation choices to consumers. Vivint offers basic and custom home security system packages.

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Vivint home security home security monitoring systems

The basic Vivint home security package includes:

  • Two-way communication control panel
  • Monitoring
  • Motion detectors
  • Severe weather alerts
  • Programmable home alerts via text messaging or email

The activation fee for a Vivint security system begins at around $99 and monthly monitoring fees begin at around $50 per month.

For a full explanation of all the home security, monitoring and home automation products and services available from Vivint, click here ( ).

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Monitronics overview

Monitronics specializes in monitored home security systems.

A basic Monitronics system will include:

  • A control panel
  • An inside alarm
  • Motion detector
  • Three sensors for entry points

All Monitronics systems are professionally installed and covered by a lifetime warranty. The equipment is offered on a lease monitronics home security monitoring systems to clients, usually through a three-year lease agreement.

If your Monitronics system alarm is triggered by an intruder, a fire or manually:

  • An instant signal is sent to the monitoring center, and an agent will immediately initiate contact with you either by a two-way voice system or by phone.
  • You will be asked to provide the agent with your password.
  • If contact cannot be made, authorities will be alerted and will come to your location to investigate the situation.

The two-way communication system lets you speak directly with one of Monitronics monitoring agents from anywhere in the residence. It is password protected so that only you or an alarm trigger can start the system.

If you’re considering adding home security monitoring services to your home and believe Vivint or Monitronics systems would be a good fit for you and your family, QualitySmith can put you in touch with local home security professionals.