Learn about insulated siding prices and the pros and cons of the material.

Insulated siding prices vary, but the material looks the same as regular siding. Prodigy insulated siding by Alside on Flickr.jpg Making a choice as to the material that you wish to cover your home with can be a difficult one. There are a wide variety of materials available, from brick veneer to stucco. For many homeowners, insulated siding has become a viable option, with insulated siding prices placing the material within easy financial reach of those looking to cover a new home or recover an old one.

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Insulated siding is a material that's placed around a home to increase its energy efficiency. The material consists of a normal piece of vinyl siding that has EPS foam insulation layered to the rear. The siding is placed against the home with the insulated side facing the wall, and then attached using normal means.

There are both pros and cons to using insulated siding on your home. The primary advantage is the savings that you'll see in heating and cooling costs.

Insulated siding

The additional level of insulating foam on the rear of the siding adds to the R-value of the structure. The R-value is simply a measurement of how effective insulation is. For example, a home with a stud wall construction that has the spaces between the studs filled with fiberglass insulation has a typical R-value of R-12. Add a layer of house wrap and foam to the outside of the home and the R-value rises to as much as R-20. This rise can reduce the energy costs for the home by over 5 percent. Add a layer of insulated vinyl over that, and you'll increase the R-value by about R-3. Insulated siding isn't cheap however.

insulated siding prices

Insulated siding prices are generally 15 to 30 percent greater than the price for normal uninsulated vinyl siding.

Insulated siding is available at a wide range of prices. The total cost to install siding to your home is largely dependent on the manufacturer of the siding, the size of the surface space covered with the siding, and the rate for labor in your locale.

To get a siding estimate on the costs of installation, you'll need a siding contractor who's experienced at installing the material. The contractor will be able to give you an estimate based on the insulated siding prices for the particular brand that you wish to install. Contractors can be found listed at QualitySmith

The added insulation layer of the siding makes the material more rigid, which makes the siding easier to cut and install. Despite its ease of use, a siding contractor is recommended to do the actual installation of the siding, if only to ensure that building codes are properly adhered to.

For 2013, the average siding costs per square foot of siding installed begin at approximately $3.47, but can rise as high as $5.02. These insulated siding prices include labor costs for installation.

Despite high insulated siding prices, the savings seen in energy costs help to recoup the total spent on the installation. Further recovery of the price of installation may be realized upon resale of the house as well.