Reviewing some of the home security and automation features you can manage using your iPad or portable tablet

When it comes to home security, remote monitoring is a crucial component. More and more home security systems allow you to manage and monitor operations on a tablet or iPad. With easy-install iPad home security system and self-install tablet security system applications, you can keep an eye on your home from virtually anywhere.

Tablet home secuirty


Some of the benefits of iPad and tablet monitoring for your home security system include:

  • Viewing live video feed from security cameras
  • Operate security system features from inside your home
  • Monitor energy levels
  • Control electric appliances in your home
  • Lock and unlock doors
  • Arm and disarm the security system

If your iPad or tablet is an important part of your daily routine, it will be easy to work with your home security system. You can log into your security application and check alerts quickly and easily, whether you're at the office or across the world. Plus, if you opt to upgrade your security system with home automation features, you can use your iPad or tablet to control more parts of your home. For example, you can turn off the coffee pot if you forgot before leaving for work. You can unlock the front door to let a child in after school.


Some of the optional home automation functions available for remote iPad or tablet operation include:

  • Thermostat controls
  • Lighting controls
  • Small appliance control
  • Door locks
  • Security lights
  • Motion detectors

Nearly every home security and home automation provider currently offers a wireless or Internet-based service you can connect with your iPad or tablet. When comparing systems, be sure to ask about all the products and services that can link your home security and your home automation services to your portable device. Make sure you take into consideration at least the following issues:

  • Equipment costs (are you buying or merely leasing/renting)
  • Installation ease and cost
  • Monitoring fees (if any)
  • Contracts (overall costs and length)
  • Maintenance or service costs
  • Compatibility with existing equipment/services
  • Any service or program pre-conditions

If you want the ease and control of linking your home security and home automation systems to your iPad or tablet, QualitySmith can help by connecting you to local home security and automation professionals in your area.