Comparison of home monitoring systems: Cox Communication vs Verizon

Those looking to install home security alarm systems may find Cox Communications home security prices and Verizon home security prices to be affordable. Home security reviews indicate that there are some major differences between the two services, however, so it is important for homeowners to understand the products being offered.

Professional Monitoring vs. DIY

Cox offers a professional security monitoring service that includes 24-hour coverage. After professionals install home security alarm components, the company uses an off-site monitoring center to respond to any alarm codes or communications. This includes contacting the homeowner to report the problem and calling emergency services if a need is identified.

Unlike Cox, Verizon's home security system does not include professional third-party monitoring. Instead, the company provides homeowners with a self-monitoring system that offers remote access through smartphones and tablets. Individuals can use the system to keep an eye on their home when they are out of town, at work or otherwise away. Owners can also set up text notifications and other alerts through the system.

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Cox Home Monitoring pricing

Cox offers several levels of monitoring, including a Preferred plan that allows for remote control of lights and thermostats. Installation of a system starts at $99 for new customers, although pricing varies depending on equipment needs and personal credit scores. Monthly fees start at $29.99 for the basic package and $39.99 for the Preferred plan. According to home security system reviews, additional fees can apply depending on the payment method you choose.

Verizon Home Monitoring pricing

Verizon home security Verizon offers its home monitoring kits for $89.99, but this does not include installation. Since the product is wireless, homeowners should be able to install the components themselves. After the product is installed, homeowners must enroll in a remote access plan through Verizon in order to use automation and monitoring services on their phones or tablets. The fee of $9.99 for the service is in addition to charges for Verizon broadband, which is required.

Products in the basic package

Both companies allow customers to purchase add-ons or customize their packages. The Cox basic monitoring package includes several components:

  • Two-way touch screen control and communication panel
  • A motion detector
  • Two sensors that determine when windows or doors are openmotion detector
  • A wireless router
  • Signage for the yard

Several products are included in the Verizon package:

  • A gateway device
  • An indoor camera
  • An indoor light module
  • Wires and cords necessary for installation
  • Installation guide

Whether you want to monitor your own home or purchase professional monitoring, Cox Communications home security prices and Verizon home security prices offer affordable solutions. Before you opt to install home security alarm components, make sure you understand your options by reading the information available in home security reviews and comparisons at QualitySmith.