Metal roofs is one of the most reliable and long lasting roofing materials you can choose for your home.

Under normal conditions, metal roofs don't just outlast every other roofing material available but it is also very low maintenance.


But it doesn’t mean that you could just install one and then leave it as it is for years to come. Keep it looking and performing its best by looking into these five must-know tips to safeguard your metal roof against rust and other harsh elements.

1. No trees and bushes nearby

Metal roofs are tough but even thay cannot go unscathed if there is constant abrasion from trim limbs and bushes for a period in time. Worse, its finish can be compromised and damaged beyond repair with just a single violent wind motion and one hard-enough tree branch.

If possible, don’t grow trees near your metal roof. If this cannot be avoided, due to the beneficial shade it brings, make sure it’s trimmed on a regular basis.

2. Minimize accumulations of debris

Metal-Roofs-tips-2Don’t rely on rain and snow to rinse away leaves and all sorts of debris from your metal roof. Make time to remove all of these unnecessary objects to keep it looking and functioning well.

Year-round contact with wet leaves and dirt building up on your metal roof and in your gutter can increase the presence of rust and the likelihood of roof corrosion.

One caveat: A sufficiently hard jet of water can bring more headaches if moisture gets past the inner structure of your metal roof. Better use an extendable window cleaning brush with soft bristles – slower and more energy-consuming but you’ll be confident it won’t do any damage to your metal roof.

3. Avoid too much foot traffic

Don’t treat  metal roofs like your regular pavement which can take on constant stream of foot traffic. Scratches on the surface can expose the steel sheet, creating the potential for rust and corrosion. If you don’t want to leave marks on it that can affect its function or appearance, keep foot traffic to a minimum.

Better yet, follow the manufacturer's recommendations when the situation arises. You can prevent bending of its panels by walking directly over its joists and purlins.

4. Careful on the spray can

Don’t leave your painter alone during that painting task. The overspray can easily be blown by the breeze and scatter all over your metal roof. So instead of having a home looking sharp for the next half a century, you’d have a metal roof tainted with permanent marking.

Protect your roof during this time by strictly instructing the painter to use a brush and rollers instead.

5. Don’t skimp on professional maintenance

Sometimes you just have to call in the professionals to do a comprehensive cleaning and maintenance for your metal roof. These include locating failures of surface coatings and sealants as well as movement distress of panels and fasteners, among other problems.

Maintenance technicians should be able to identify these problems and do necessary preventive measures such as replacement of fastener gaskets at the end of their expected service lives, replacement of sealants at penetrations and perimeters, and application of coating to exposed metal surfaces if needed.

Metal roofs are a cost-effective and viable investment for your home. Learning how to care and maintain for them can ensure its high aesthetic quality and longevity for decades to come.

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