A summary of Andersen Windows 400 Series line of complementary windows

The Andersen 400 Series of casement windows is designed with hinges along a single side of the window to allow the opening of the full window sash for ventilation. The complementary versions combine this feature with traditional styling. There's a premium in Andersen windows 400 Series complementary windows prices over the more simplistic basic casement window design, however, so buyers should be aware of the full features of the complementary window models before making a buying decision.

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Andersen Windows 400 series complementary windows

The design of the complementary casement window includes the single-sided hinges. The basic difference between the complementary windows and the basic models is that Andersen windows 400 Series complementary windows prices cover the placement of two window sashes that face one another in a single frame. These sashes are held in place without the positioning of a mullion bar running the height of the frame between the sashes. With the hinges placed on the edges of the frame, both sides of the window can be fully opened, providing an unobstructed view through the opening and an increased level of ventilation throughout the room.

Buyers who are looking at Andersen Windows 400 Series complementary windows prices will find that the cost of each window is largely determined by the size of the opening being covered. The windows are available in a variety of sizes, from one-and-a-half feet in width to seven feet in height, with custom sizing available to fit a wide assortment of openings. After you install windows of larger sizes, they can even serve as emergency exits. Complementary windows are also available in a number of shapes -- from triangles to arches -- to match your architectural needs.


To give you the ultimate choice in the look of your windows, the Andersen 400 Series comes with the option to pick from a variety of glass types. Most of the glass is energy-efficient, Low-E4 glass that is made to block differing levels of heat in order to reduce cooling costs. The glass is also available at various impact-resistant levels, which can aid in cooling the home with an additional layer of insulating air space. Increased privacy is available through the use of patterned glass, while those who wish to express themselves can do so through several art glass styles that are available for the window frame.

Because there is such a variety of Andersen 400 Series windows, prices can be difficult to determine before you make all of your selections. You can consult a contractor for an accurate windows estimate, which will include the windows price for new windows and the regional labor cost. Contractors can be found in the listings at QualitySmith Average windows cost can be anywhere from $391 to $1,009.

Once you've determined the Andersen Windows 400 Series complementary windows prices for all of the replacement windows you wish to install, making a buying decision should be easy. Remember to consider that you may be able to recoup much of the value of the installation should you decide to later sell the home.

Photo credits: andersenwindows.com